Christmas carols – Kάλαντα!

Καλήν εσπέέέέέραν άρχοντες
κι αααααν είναι, κι αν είναι ορισμooός σας
Χριστού την θεεεεεία γέννηση
ναααααα πω, να πω στ΄ αρχοντικό σας…

Easy video tutorial for last minute Christmas creations. Merry Christmas everyone!! May your days be filled with great people, good food, beautiful music and of course love.

new-sweets-on-the-blog-doors-ada-plainaki-cookies1new-sweets-on-the-blog-doors-ada-plainaki-cookies3Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 11.55.36 π.μ.


4 thoughts on “Christmas carols – Kάλαντα!

  1. Sometimes the simplest designs are the most stunning. The white doors with their little gold doorknobs are BEAUTIFUL! I learn so much from your videos. Do you think if I watch enough of them I will start to understand Greek? I wish! 😉

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