Ahoy Matey – Πειρατικό Πάρτι!

Η υπόσχεση είναι υπόσχεση. Χρωστούσα αυτό το πάρτι στο μικρό, εδώ και πολύ καιρό. Τελικά, το καταφέραμε, και μαζεύτηκε όλο το πειρατικό ασκέρι 😉





new-sweets-on-the-blog-pirates-hunting-ada-plainaki-cookies6 new-sweets-on-the-blog-pirates-hunting-ada-plainaki-cookies8 new-sweets-on-the-blog-pirates-hunting-ada-plainaki-cookies3

In English

Pirates treasure hunt party! For my little one, he has been waiting for this party for a loooong time, now. A promise is a promise.



2 thoughts on “Ahoy Matey – Πειρατικό Πάρτι!

  1. Fabulous, as always, Ada!Everything from the cake to the water bottles to the take-home cookies is just perfect! The kids must have had such a wonderful time! Your cookies always make me smile and they are wonderful decorations for your son’s cake! The treasure chest and the treasure map may be my favorites, but I love the texture on the boat and the palm tree too!

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