Μην ξεχνάς! Μπορείς να βρεις όλες τις συνταγές μου έτσι όπως δημοσιεύονται αποκλειστικά στο, πατώντας στο tag, που βρίσκεται στη μαύρη μπαρίτσα, κάτω από το cover του blog. Δες τη φωτογραφία 😉

new-sweets-on-the-blog-instyle-ada-plainaki-cookies1By clicking the button on the menu bar, you can find all my recipes as they featured on 😉


4 thoughts on “

  1. Exciting and well deserved attention, Ada! I am so thrilled for you!! Your decorating has awed me ever since you started blogging. How wonderful that you can reach so many more people through your work with InStyle Greece!!!

  2. always so impressed by your realisation and so excited for you ! You deserved it Ada !! Your work is absolutely gorgeous ! A way through food celebrity !
    Lots of love !!
    See u soon on Easy Bakery, new name of my blog weight and measures 🙂

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