Balloons & bicycle

Και άλλοι φίλοι, κι άλλα γενέθλια! Πάλι αγοράκι, ήθελε ποδήλατο. Tου άρεσε. Πολύ. Και η τούρτα και τα μπισκότα! Ευτυχώς, γιατί δεν υπάρχει τίποτα χειρότερο από το να σε απορρίπτουν τα παιδιά. 🙂 🙂

new-sweets-on-the-blog-bicycle-ada-plainaki-cookies3new-sweets-on-the-blog-bicycle-ada-plainaki-cookies2new-sweets-on-the-blog-bicycle-ada-plainaki-cookies1new-sweets-on-the-blog-bicycle-ada-plainaki-cookies4In English

More friends, more birthday parties. The more the merrier, they say. I agree completely. For a little boy, again. He specifically asked for a bicycle and balloons. Thank God, he loved them, both cookies and cake!! There is nothing worse than a kid’s rejection 🙂


14 thoughts on “Balloons & bicycle

  1. Ειναι τοσο ζωντανο το ποδηλατο που μου ερχετε να το παρω και να παω μια βολτα! χιχιχι!!! Μπραβο σου και παλι! Και τα μπαλονια και ολα! Ειναι υπεροχη τουρτα!

  2. No child could possibly reject this cake, Ada! It is exactly what he asked for in bright living color! Isn’t it funny the combinations of things a child asks for? I made a cake once (not any where as gorgeous as this one) for a little boy who told me he wanted a cake with, “Me and my dog and the whole wide world” on top. 🙂 It wasn’t easy but at least I didn’t have to make a bicycle! Yours is amazing!

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