Underwater love

Προ ημερών, η φίλη μου, η Αγάπη (Lovetoparty.gr) οργάνωσε μια γιορτή για το μικρό της. Το πάρτυ είχε θέμα το βυθό, και μου ζήτησε να της φτιάξω μπισκότα για να τα δώσει στους καλεσμένους, σαν δωράκι. Ψαράκια και μπορμπουλήθρες λοιπόν. Σας αρέσουν?






In English

My friend Agapi,(lovetoparty.gr) organized a small feast for her little boy’s name day. She asked me if I could make some cookies, so she can give them to her guests, as party favors. The party’s theme was “underwater”. So be it. Fish and bubbles. You like them?


14 thoughts on “Underwater love

  1. Adorable! The cookies and the packaging are great. Also wanted to tell you that I like your new photo and the new banner is pretty too. 🙂 Plus, I had fun listening to you in Greek on your video. (I so wish that I could speak gazillion languages. 🙂 )

  2. Hi Ada! I love these cookies and the way you’ve presented them. Can you tell me where you got the bags? And did you design the labels or buy those? Very cute presentation. 🙂

    • Hello Kevin! Thank you so much! I bought the bags from a local store, here in Greece, and these particular labels are designed by a friend of mine. I make these cookies for her little boys’ name day party 🙂

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